No, ELA membership  is not open to all European lawyers.­

ELA is not a general lawyers' association for European lawyers, but an alumni organisation for lawyers who have participated in the European Young Lawyers' Scheme or the European Lawyers' Programme in London or Edinburgh.
If you have participated in the European Young Lawyers' Scheme or the European Lawyers' Programme you have to file your application with the General Secretary of the ELA (see Board members).
The ELA aims to consolidate and expand the network established by the Scheme and the Programme and through that network to promote a greater mutual understanding of the legal systems of present and potential member countries, in order that members can provide a more comprehensive legal service. In particular, the Association seeks to continue, strengthen and improve the links with practitioners in the United Kingdom.
The ELA is headed by an elected board of seven voting members. In addition, the bi-annual Board Meetings are customarily attended by the National Representatives, who co-ordinate national activities in their respective countries.
The Association holds a 4-day Annual Meeting in one of the member countries. The Meeting combines a legal conference comprising lectures and talks on topical legal and political issues from high profile speakers. The Annual General Meeting takes place at this meeting.­

Also Board Meetings and other social events offer the chance to renew existing contacts and to further widen the ELA network.
If you are already a registered member and you have forgotten your user name and/or password, simply let us know.

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